Assessment of Professional Performance

Assessment of Professional Performance:

Physical therapists who do not meet standard on the retake of the RCA will participate in an Assessment of Professional Performance. This will be a more direct assessment of the physical therapist’s practice.

  • Conducted by an assessor who is a registrant trained and appointed by the College;
  • Review of RCA results for trends and gaps in performance;
  • May include on-site visits;
  • Specific assessment tools such as Chart Stimulated Recall will be agreed upon between the registrant and the assessor

Results of Registrant Survey on APP and RPS

Assessment of Professional Performance Workshop Results:

On May 6 and 16, 2017, eight (8) registrants pilot tested a workshop to train assessors for the Assessment of Professional Performance. They provided very useful feedback on the content and materials, as well as on aspects of the process, which has been compiled and will be presented to the Quality Assurance Committee on June 3, 2017.