ASR Technical Requirements

The Annual Self Report (ASR) is designed to be completed on a desktop or laptop computer, using high-speed Internet and with an operating system and browser that are current, i.e. recently updated. In the browser preferences, cookies and JavaScript will need to be turned on.


What it means

 You should have no technical problems.
 You might not have a good experience.
 You will have a technical problem.

1. What kind of device will you use? The application is not mobile responsive yet, so using a mobile phone or tablet is not recommended.

 Smart phone

2. What type of Internet connection will you use?

 High-speed wired
 High-speed wireless
 Low-speed modem
 Internet stick
 Mobile hotspot

3. Which operating system and web browser will you use?

Need help to find out which operating system and browser you are using?

Go to

Not sure if your operating system has been updated?

For Windows, go to the Control Panel, then System and Security.

Not sure if your browser has been updated?

For Firefox: click on the menu button, then Help, and then ‘About Firefox’. For Internet Explorer click on the Tool button and then ‘About Internet Explorer’.

For Safari: click on the Safari menu item, then About Safari to view your current version. To update Safari on your Mac, follow the same process as when updating your operating system, i.e. click on the Apple icon and choose Software Update. If you have the App Store icon on your dock, a number will appear that indicates updates are available. Click on the App Store icon and choose Updates.

 Operating system  Browser  Outcome
 Current major computer operating system:  Microsoft Windows (Windows 8.1 or 10) or Apple  OS X (10.9 or 10.10).  Current version of Firefox  or Safari
 Windows 7 or other outdated major operating  system that  has been properly updated to the  newest version of  that operating system.  Current version of Firefox
 Windows XP  Any

4. Are cookies enabled on your browser?

Need help to find out if they are? Go to


5. Is JavaScript turned on?

Need help to find out if it is? Go to