Annual Self Report

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The Annual Self Report (ASR) is one component of the Quality Assurance Program. It is an interactive online tool that provides an opportunity to support continuing competence by expanding a physical therapist’s knowledge and understanding of professional, legal, and ethical obligations.

The ASR uses a self-quiz structure, accessed via a personalized username and password login (these ASR login credentials are different from those associated with a registrant’s College (CPTBC) account). Answers and explanations are provided for self-quiz questions, and links to resources that support practice are listed throughout. After completion of the ASR, physical therapists receive personalized feedback reports on specific potential risks in their practice, and supports to further competence.

The College does not have access to ASR information collected from individual registrants. The College is only notified that a registrant has completed the ASR. The anonymous data is used in aggregate to identify topics for which the College may need to provide additional resources or supports for physical therapists in British Columbia.

Regulatory topics covered in the ASR:

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