Quality Assurance Program

Purpose of the Quality Assurance Program: To monitor and support safe, ethical and effective practice.

Components of Quality Assurance Program

The Program framework incorporates four components:

1. Annual Self-Report

Physical therapist declares competence.

2. Registrant Competence Assessment  

Physical therapist demonstrates competence.

3. Assessment of Professional Performance

Physical therapist demonstrates competence using different methodology, if required.

4. Registrant Practice Support

Physical therapist improves competence, if required.

CPTBC’s Quality Assurance Program is in Response to Changes to the Health Professions Act (HPA)

An amendment to the Health Professions Act in 2007 requires health regulators to implement a quality assurance program. Quality assurance refers to a compulsory process that focuses on ensuring compliance with clearly established standards. In other words, this amendment directed the College to develop a program that would provide evidence to support the fact that physical therapists in British Columbia are competent and provide safe, ethical and effective care.

For in depth information on the background and development of the Quality Assurance Program, download the QAP Backgrounder here.

More Information

For more information on the Quality Assurance Program, please email qap@cptbc.org.