Making a Complaint

Under the Health Professions Act, the Inquiry Committee of the College has the authority to investigate a complaint about a physical therapist registered in British Columbia regarding any of the following:

  • a contravention of this Act, the regulations or the Bylaws;
  • a conviction for an indictable offence;
  • a failure to comply with a standard, limit or condition imposed under this Act;
  • professional misconduct or unprofessional conduct;
  • competence to practice the designated health profession;
  • a physical or mental ailment, an emotional disturbance or an addiction to alcohol or drugs that impairs his or her ability to practice the designated health profession.

If you believe you have grounds to make a complaint against a physical therapist, there is a process for doing so.

You must provide a letter signed by you addressed to the Registrar of the College of Physical Therapists:

Ms. D. Millette, Registrar,
College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia
1420-1200 West 73rd Avenue
Vancouver, BC  V6P 6G5

You must set out in your letter the details of your complaint. Those details should include:

  • Your name, mailing address and a telephone number where you may be reached;
  • The name of the physical therapist who is the subject of your complaint;
  • Whether you are a patient of the physical therapist;
  • A brief description of your complaint;
  • The date or dates of any alleged matters that are the basis of your complaint; and
  • A copy of any document that you consider relevant to your complaint.

For further information about how your complaint will be processed, go to: “The Complaint Investigation Process” on this website.