Registration Renewal

Registration Renewal

• The registration year is January 1 to December 31.

• Registrants were notified by email on November 25, 2016 that online registration renewal opens at 8:00 a.m. PST on December 1. If registrants cannot find this email, they are encouraged to check their junk/spam folders and/or contact Olga Nesic ( by email for their login credentials.

• Online renewals can be completed by accessing your profile on the Registrant Login button at the top-right of all CPTBC webpages or by clicking here.

NOTE: Please do not use a mobile device/smart phone to complete the online renewal as the application is not mobile-friendly. You might experience difficulties during the process, including payment, so it is best to use a computer (desktop or laptop) to complete the online renewal process.

Change in Registration Status

If you wish to change your status from inactive to full, please click here.

Renewal Fees

Regular fees apply for online renewals completed before midnight on January 1 (i.e. before January 2). A late fee applies to renewals electronically dated or postmarked between January 2 and January 31. Your registration will be cancelled February 1 if you have not completed your registration renewal online or if the College office does not receive your renewal package by January 31. If your registration with the College is cancelled on February 1, you, your employer, and the Medical Services Plan (MSP), if you carry personal malpractice insurance, will be notified via registered letter. Your letter will be mailed to your last known address in the College’s database and your name will be listed in the Spring edition of the College newsletter as cancelled for non-payment.

If your registration is cancelled, you may not work as a physical therapist in British Columbia until you have reinstated your registration.

Reinstatement of registration after cancellation for non-payment of dues

In order to apply for reinstatement of your registration, you must submit to the College a letter of request, a completed renewal form, proof of malpractice insurance if you are a full registrant or an interim registrant, the registration fee, and the reinstatement fee. Please note that following the cancellation of your registration, you will not be able to complete your renewal online.

If you were an inactive registrant and wish to apply for full registration when you reinstate your registration, you may download the application package online or request a package from the College.

Date Due

Full, Limited, Interim registration renewal fee

Inactive registration renewal fee

By Jan 1 $425.00 $100.00
Late fee charged: Jan 2-31 (20% of renewal fee) $510.00 ($85.00 + $425.00) $120.00 ($20.00 + $100.00)
Reinstatement fee charged: Feb 1-Dec 31 (35% of renewal fee) $573.75 ($148.75 + $425.00) $135.00 ($35.00 + $100.00)

Please address all enquiries to