Criminal Record Check

In accordance with the B.C. Criminal Records Review Act, all applicants for registration are required to complete a criminal record check (CRC) at the time of their initial application followed by a five-year recheck for active college registrants.

A new CRC is mandatory if the active registration is discontinued or the 5-year interval has come to an end. The College notifies the registrants by email when they are due for their 5-year rechecks.

The following instructions are to be followed by new applicants for registration as well as current registrants that need to complete the 5-year criminal record re-check:

  • Follow this Ministry of Justice Criminal Record Review Program link.
  • Enter the access code VKCRWZDG47 at the bottom of the page.
  • Press the “Request a New Criminal Record Check” button.
  • Follow the prompt to complete the Electronic Identity Verification (EIV) process.
  • Pay the $28.00 fee with credit card after successfully completing the EIV.
  • Print a copy of your receipt. Note – this is the ONLY time when you will be able to access your CRC receipt.

Have you changed your name? If so, please specify your College registration number on your receipt and both names you are known as.

  • Send a copy of your CRC receipt to the College by email to or by fax at 604-730-9273.
  • Applicants should include the CRC receipt in their application package for registration.

If you are unable to complete the EIV, the Ministry website will prompt you to print off a computer-generated form. Please print, sign and date the form, and send it to the College BY MAIL, along with a notarized copy of two pieces of your government-issued photo identifications. The Ministry will contact you by email to arrange for payment of the $28.00 fee. If you send the form and documents to the Ministry directly, it will not be processed; your documents will be shredded and you will need to start over.

If you have been living in Canada for less than two years, or live outside of Canada, you are not eligible to complete the CRC online.

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Complete CCR010 REV 30/SEP/2016 form from your computer (it must be legible). You only need to complete Part 1: Applicant Information, then print off the form, sign and date it. Mail page 1 of the form to the College, along with a notarized copy of two pieces of your government-issued photo identifications. If you do not have Canadian IDs, then we may accept their international counterpart.
  2. For the CRC application $28.00 fee, the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General; Criminal Records Review Programs will contact you by email to arrange payment.
  3. The CRC documentation is part of your application for registration with CPTBC, please include it in your application package – do not send it to the CRC program in Victoria as it will be not be processed; your documents will be shredded and you will need to start over.