Authorization to Use Dry Needles in Physiotherapy Practice

Full registrants using acupuncture and/or dry needling (i.e., IMS) within the physical therapy scope of practice must be on the College roster. To get on the roster, registrants must submit documentation of their credentials to the College.

Required Documentation

  • Application form with self-declaration statement
  • Certificate of acupuncture/dry needling program completion

Self – Declaration

The application form includes a self-declaration statement attesting that the applicant has completed an acupuncture/dry needling education program that includes: theoretical, practical, and a final summative assessment that resulted in a passing score.  Furthermore, safety instructions and infection control measures must be covered in the program.

This self-declaration is based on College Bylaws (Part V. Standards of Practice 55. Code of Ethics) which state “Physical therapists are responsible for recognizing their limitations, continuing to develop their own level of competence, and confirming clinical diagnosis and management in those areas of practice in which they have been educated.”

Application Process

1.  Complete the Application form.  Fill in the form electronically, except for your signature. You must print the form before signing.

2. Send a copy of your certificate of acupuncture/dry needling program completion by email, or fax to the College.

Fax:     604 730 9273


3. Once the documentation is received, information will be added to your registration record on the College database.

4.  Processing an application will take approximately five (5) business days once all required documents have been received.  You will be notified by email.

For further information, please contact Olga Nesic at