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General Enquiries:

Registration Enquiries:

  • If you are an interim registrant or looking to become an interim registrant and have a question, email
  • If you have a question about applying as a full registrant and you have Canadian credentials, email
  • If you are an internationally educated physical therapist, contact Olga Nesic at

Corporation Enquiries:

Quality Assurance Program Enquiries:

  • If you have questions or comments about the Quality Assurance Program contact Chris Smerdon at or 

Complaints or Complaint Enquiries:

Practice Advice or College Policy Enquiries:

Telephone: 604 730 9193 : Toll-free Telephone (Canada): 877 576 6744

Fax: 604 730 9273

Mail: College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia, Suite 1420, 1200 West 73rd Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6P 6G5

Hours of Operation: 8:30AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday; Closed for Statutory Holidays, Easter Monday, and Boxing Day


  • Dianne Millette, Registrar
  • Alice Yu, Deputy Registrar
  • Susan Paul, Manager, Professional Practice
  • Chris Smerdon, Manager, Quality Assurance Program
  • Olga Nesic, Manager, Registration
  • Joelle Berry,  Manager, Inquiry and Discipline
  • Elizabeth Hunter, Administrative Assistant
  • Loretta Hands, Administrative Assistant
  • Kiran Pixley-Grove, Administrative Assistant