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Call for Board Nominations

A friendly reminder that the call for Board Nominations has been announced. Election 2018 is underway and there are three positions available.  Consider nominating a colleague or running for election yourself! For more details see page 8 in the Fall issue of Update. The deadline for nominations is March 23, 2018, at 12:30 p.m. PT.

2018 Registration Renewal Update

If you missed renewing your registration by the deadline of December 31, 2017, you may still renew in January. A late fee will be applied. If you do not renew or cancel your registration by January 31, 2018, it will be canceled for you on February 1st. Once your registration is canceled, you may not practice as [more …]

2018 Registration Renewal Now Open

2018 registration renewal is now open. The registration year begins on January 1 and expires on December 31 each year. On October 27, 2017 registrants were notified by email that online registration renewal opens at 9:00 a.m. PST on November 1, 2017. Your CPTBC registration must be renewed by January 1, 2018 to avoid a [more …]