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(Reference: College Bylaw section 32 (4)(5)(6)(7))

An interim registrant must perform physical therapy/physiotherapy* under the general supervision of a physical therapist approved by the Registration Committee and upon such terms and conditions as the Registration Committee deems fit. An interim registrant is authorized to bill for physiotherapy service they are providing.

But, an interim registrant cannot:

1. own or operate a physical therapy practice,

2. supervise other full, interim, or limited registrants, and

3. serve on the Board or a committee, or vote.

* the terms physical therapy/physiotherapy and physical therapist/physiotherapist are used interchangeably in Canada.

Length of interim registration – maximum fifteen months

Under the Bylaws section 32(2) and 32(3), the Registration Committee is authorized to grant interim registration for a maximum of fifteen months. The actual length of interim registration is dependent on successful completion of the examination.


Before registering with the College, all internationally-educated applicants MUST apply to The Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (The Alliance) and successfully complete the credentialling process. The Alliance evaluates the applicant’s education to determine if it is substantially equivalent to a Canadian university program in physical therapy.

More information about credentialling may be obtained by contacting The Alliance at:

Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators
501-1243 Islington Avenue Toronto, Ontario Canada M8X 1Y9
Tel: 1-416-234-8800 Fax: 1-416-234-8820

Outcome of Credentialling

Following the credentialling process, The Alliance will inform the applicant of one of the following outcomes:

  1. the applicant’s education is substantially equivalent to the education of a Canadian-educated applicant and the applicant is eligible to sit the Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE); or
  2. the applicant’s education is not substantially equivalent to the education of a Canadian-educated applicant. The applicant is required to obtain a degree from a Canadian university in order to practice physical therapy in Canada.

Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE)

The PCE is comprised of two parts: The Qualifying Examination (QE) and the Physiotherapy National Examination (PNE).

For applicants who were successfully credentialled by The Alliance, the College Bylaws require that the applicant must be registered for both components of the PCE. The Registration Committee requires written confirmation from The Alliance of the applicant’s registration.

Examination Schedule

Please click on this link for The Alliance’s exam schedule. Please contact The Alliance for more information on the PCE.

Employment and Supervision Proposal

Both the supervising physical therapist(s) and the applicant must sign a completed Employment and Supervision Plan. The supervision plan must meet the following criteria:

  • An interim registrant may only have two (2) supervisors in total and a maximum of two (2) worksites at any given time. (i.e., If there are 2 worksites, there can only be 1 supervisor per site).
  • The supervisor must provide direct supervision** for a minimum of five (5) hours per week to an interim registrant who works full-time; or a pro-rated number of hours for an interim registrant working part-time.
  • Interim registrants must not work in a sole-charge environment where there is no full registrant practicing at the same location.
  • Any additions or changes to the supervision plan must be approved by the Registration Committee.

** Direct supervision is defined as the observation of an individual in the execution of a task, process or activity where the supervising physical therapist observes a portion of patient interaction. Indirect supervision means the supervising physical therapist, working out of the same facility, is readily available in person or by electronic communication.

Resources for Internationally Educated Applicants

Please see below for a list of resources available for internationally educated applicants:

  • S.U.C.C.E.S.S., a non-profit social service agency, offers competitive low-interest rate loans through their Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) Loan Project.  Information can be found at
  • University of British Columbia Internationally Educated Physiotherapists Exam Preparation (IEPEP) Program is a self-directed program that assists Internationally Educated Physiotherapists in their preparation to sit the national Physiotherapy Competency Exam and to enter into clinical physiotherapy practice in British Columbia. Their website is
  • Health Match BC is a free health professional recruitment service funded by the Government of British Columbia. Check their website for more information.