Inactive to Full Registration

You are currently an inactive registrant with the College and you want to reactivate your full registration status. Please note that changing your status from inactive to full must be approved by the Registration Committee. The timeframe for processing an application for approval is approximately 5 business days after all required documentation is received.

Application Checklist

You must submit the following documents to the College – the form can be downloaded by clicking on the link:

  • Proof of malpractice insurance in the amount of at least three million dollars ($3M CAD) per occurrence
    If you work in the public sector, the College will accept a confirmation letter from the hospital or government agency/employer. If you have private malpractice insurance, you will be required to forward a copy of your current insurance certificate. Further information about private malpractice insurance can be received by contacting the Canadian Physiotherapy Association at 1 800 318 6136 or Trisura (PhysioSure) at 1 866 474 9746.
  • An up-to-date resume up to the current month
    If you did not work while on the inactive register, please indicate this in your resume, i.e. sabbatical and dates.
  • A letter of request to change status from inactive to full registration
  • If applicable, Regulatory History Form from each jurisdiction (Canadian and international) in which you have been registered as a physical therapist currently or in the past 10 years
    You must complete the top portion of the form, print and sign it by hand and send it directly to the appropriate regulatory organization(s) for completion. The College may accept the completed form attached to an email if sent directly from the regulatory organization(s) to the College. The College will not accept the form if sent via applicants.
  • If applicable, Employment History Form from each workplace if you have worked as a physical therapist in another jurisdiction while on the inactive register in British Columbia.  
    You must complete the top portion of the form, print and sign it by hand and send it directly to the appropriate employer(s) for completion. The College requires the original to be sent directly from the employer(s) to the College. If you are unable to contact a previous employer, you may submit a previously obtained letter of reference or confirmation of employment.
  • If applicable, official proof of a name change (e.g., a marriage certificate), if you have changed your name since graduating


Please make your cheque or money order payable to the College of Physical Therapists of BC in Canadian funds (CAD) drawn from a Canadian bank. The College does not accept direct transfer of funds or credit card payments.

Registration Fee 2017 Registration Fee 2018
If you want to reactivate your registration any time during the year but before December 31 $325.00 $400.00
If you want to reactivate your registration effective January 1 $425.00 $500.00

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the office at or 604 730 9193 or toll free (Canada) 1 877 576 6744.