Introduction to Registration

A person must be registered with the College in order to practice physical therapy and use the title “Physical Therapist” in British Columbia. This includes working as a physical therapist; participating in a physical therapy clinical placement; or taking or teaching a course involving physical therapy treatment of the public and course participants.

The Registration Committee makes decisions about registration matters in accordance with the Health Professions Act and the Bylaws.  The role of College staff is to advise an applicant about the application process and registration requirements.

Registration Categories

Click on the category below to view its application requirements.

Full – A full registrant may practice physical therapy in British Columbia.  A full registrant is entitled to use the title physical therapist, physiotherapist, registered physical therapist or registered physiotherapist.

Interim – An interim registrant may practice physical therapy under the supervision of a fully registered physical therapist in British Columbia. An interim registrant is entitled to use the title interim physical therapist, interim physiotherapist, registered interim physical therapist or registered interim physiotherapist.

Courtesy – A courtesy registrant is a physical therapist who is currently registered to practice in good standing in another jurisdiction and wishes to take or teach a course in British Columbia involving treatment of the public (including course participants) or wishes to participate in an approved exchange of employment program for less than a year.

Student – A student registrant may participate in a clinical placement in British Columbia as approved by the University of British Columbia.

Not sure what category of registration you are eligible for? Follow this link to see a list of all registration categories.

Procedure for Processing Registration Applications for all Applicants

  1. Applicants must complete all the required documentation for their selected category of registration.
  2. All documents must be received at the College office, verified for completeness and accuracy prior to being submitted to the Registration Committee for approval. All documents not written in English must be transcribed and certified.
  3. Once the applications have been approved by the Committee, the College staff will notify the applicant.
  4. The timeframe for processing an application for approval is approximately 5 business days after all required documentation is received.
  5. Candidates can follow the status of their application on the College website. A personal login ID and password will be emailed to candidates to allow access to Registrant Log-in online.
  6. Confirmation of registration, registration card, certificate and receipt can be printed from the Registrant Log-in.
  7. An applicant may begin working as a physical therapist once registration has been granted. The effective date will be posted online or can be obtained by contacting the College office.

Please allow sufficient time for the College to receive all of your documents for processing.

Contact Us

If you have any registration questions, contact us at or 604 730 9193 or toll free (Canada) 1 877 576 6744.